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Authentic leadership training -
 Work one to one with an expert!
More influence and clarity
Socially Conscious, Personally Responsible, Compassionately Profitable with

authentic leadership training

"You are the one I have to thank immensely for
guiding me through the path that is making a
huge difference in my life!" NL

Ahden Busch PhD, 
Why are authentic leaders the future?

Spend an extraordinary, highly valuable 
one hour with Ahden Busch Complimentary,

         Personal Strategy Map make appointment NOW

develop amazing authentic leadership skills 
for leading yourself or leading others
using the power of the Impact Method©

Unlock the code of authentic leadership
and know what is possible.
Newly released - Superior Listening for the 21st C AL

Are your communications skills for public speaking traditional or mode
Online and personal.

Anywhere, any time in the world - coaching for dynamic public speaking and personal communicationCreating steps for extraordinary presentations, public speaking and personal communications. Discover the secret



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Begin here

Strategy Session -
authentic leadership
leading yourself or others
Receive a completely
personalized step-by-step 
map getting you clearly
from where you are to
where you need to be.

You receive an invaluable
tool for growth to
follow throughout

All the coaching is online, private,
one to one, conducted anywhere
in the world. Including program
materials, podcasts, checklists,
worksheets, trending articles,
AND private coaching

Boldly step into the future.


All programs listed below.

Discover the Authentic Leadership Coaching Programs
Begin to live an awakened authentic life immediately
Transform your life into an authentic lifestyle

The Three Pillars of the Impact Method©
Preparation, Passion, Persuasion
Socially Conscious, Personally Responsible, Compassionately Profitable


Strategy Session
One Hour
as the perfect

launch strategy and
set direction

Launching into an authentic leadeship  
program awakening you to the power
of YOU is done with deliberate,
targeted planning.
Transform confusion into clarity.

Pillar One-Preparation
Mastery Level Authentic
Leadership and
Communication Skills

Authentic leadership mastery first step is a
candid, exploratory, results-driven assessment
that identifies the ways that are most natural
to your nature and most effective in your life.
These are mostly hardwired. 

These natural, innate qualities,  are
your Key Behavior Discoveries (KBDs).

6 sessions created around you.....

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Pillar Two-Passion
The 6 Elements plus
Gender Intelligence

The 6 Elements of authentic leadership creates
compellng future and how to live it daily.

These 6 Elements are vision, energy, 
focused attention and discipline, principled
values, expertise and wisdom, and 

Relationship includes for every authentic
leader, the in-depth and extensive research that has
discovered the clear and amazing 
between the mascuine and feminine brains.

Join the more advanced leaders today
that have learned the nature and
reality of future and currect leadership.

6 sessions....

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Pillar Three
High Performance
Leadership in

Business Presentations

Authentic leaders know how to be in
front of any audience, small
or large as an authentic person, staying
calm, in control, capturing attention,
and inspirating.

Leaders have impact - discover how
the brain works to impact your listeners. Tell
your story and get  very high performance
reviews because as an authentic leader you have
discovered how to connect to your audience.

One of the key areas for authentic leaders is to

6 sessions to master - preparation, passion, persuasion

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Your impact hangs on your image.