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3 Memory Tips

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3 Memory Tips


Memory and Focusing Solutions


Sometimes people  have a hard time remembering for various reasons. Here are 3 tips to help but if you are having a very difficult time you might need to do these additional things, such as:

mindfulness training which has had great results, learn to anchor which is also highly effective, use thought control by sending the correct messages to your brain, get exercise, diet, sleep, biofeedback equipment.  



  • Connections make it easier.  Most people can connect better with an image. However, some people connect with a sound, a feeling, or a smell.  Which ever works best for you connect it to a colorful image, wild music, silly feeling, pleasant smell or all of them that relates to your presentation.  Use the Rule of Three (the brain easily remembers three things) and find your wild connection - the crazier the easier to recall. 
  • Create an acronym or use the letters of a word.  With each letter attach your message.
  • This will not surprise anyone but practice, practice, practice - but what might be a surprise if you over practice, it eliminates an edge to your ability to focus.  How do you know if you have practiced too much?  When your mind begins to wander while you are practicing and/or you begin to get bored and usually you begin to change the presentation (sometimes unconsciously)  just to keep that edge of focus.


Remember one of the keys to memory is to do the deep breathing and get oxygen to the brain. 

These elephants were helped by a man years ago.  The man died and shortly
after he died his wife look up to see two herds of elephants, from different
directions coming to their land.  They stayed for two days and left.

In love and gratitude, elephants never forget.  This is a true story. 

Love what you want to remember and it will be easier. 


Your impact hangs on your image.