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Coaching Institute

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Pillar Two - Passion
6 Elements of Authentic Leadership plus
Gender Intelligence

Step Humbly

Delivers 6 sessions, one hour or more each, program personally directed and privately coached using the Impact Method©.
Preparation, Passion, Persuasion for the 21st C.

Ahden is passionate bringing years of experience from working with elite achievers to you in a one to one highly interactive program.

"When I shared this with other people it changed their lives too." LF  

Your journey into your
authentic you, authentic leadership skills and
driving to higher levels of potential

Boldly step into your new authentic life

Design Your Life for Confidence and Ability
not Fear and Anxiety

6 Element of Authentic Leadership plus Gender Intelligence

Vision - you have a core vision from Pillar one and now we build on it.

Energy - The Laws of Momentum and peak state for sustainability and influence

Focused Attention and Discipline - achievement without negative pressure

Principled Values - everyone has values but principled values guide socially conscious, personally responsible, and compassionately profitable

Expertise and Wisdom - appreciate and build your expertise and wisdom because you are a role model

Relationship - Discovering strength in differences, complimenting your weaknesses, undertanding the core drivers of solid communications which includes becoming Gender Hip through gender intelligence. EVERY AUTHENTIC PERSON OR LEADER MUST BE AWARE of how to apply this knowledge. 

"It opened a new world of understanding for me and I achieved an important goal." CD

 6 sessions - launching a path from where you are to an authentic, more confident, more knowledgeable YOU. $995

Boldly step confidently into an authentic

This is 6 sessions but carefully paced for ultimate learning
and application. 


Your impact hangs on your image.