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About Us 

The gallery of extraordinary people becoming authentic leaders of themselves and others. 



Ahden Busch PhD. has developed The Impact Method©: Your Zone of Impact for transforming lives into authentic lifestyles for yourself or as an effective leader of others based on 21st C. modern leadership principles and skills.   

The Authentic Leadership Coaching Instutute is the only place to learn online and privately coached about the very specific behaviors of authentic leadership and how to implement the The Impact Method©.

This is a method based on the leading edge thought leaders in science, psychology, and universal wisdom from the business world, spiritual development, scientific evidence, and her own international 10 years of experience.

For example.....

Several entreprueners discovered the art of authentic leadership to attract serious investors by learning to tell their story rather than sell an investment.

Senior managers by discovering how to implement authentic leadership behaviors have been promoted within major global companies by identifying specific traits to refine or change.

A tired President of a $1B mortgage company, re-energized himself to put on his running shoes again (as he said it), and led the company to its next level. 

A President of a rapidly growing financial company learned how to step back and reflect on his mission and then learned how to build a team that reflected who he was instead of just grabbing talent.

A sales person saw his strengths and not arrogantly but authentically built on his strengths and increased his sales as he became more trusted. 

And there are many,many more.


"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the lazer focus on extra."

Ahden Busch PhD






Ahden Busch PhD, Global Executive Communications Coach, has developed ImagesImpact and the Institue to be a leading provider of the most dynamic processes in developing authentic leaders and mastery level communications skills.

We take great pride in offering the most current methods so you learn all the most recent tools, methods, and effective approaches.

We are dedicated to finding, studying, developing and delivering to you what makes you outstanding and erasing roadblocks.

We are unique because of our individualized programs and how we combine the knowledge from Science, Psyshology, and Universal Wisdom. That combination is extremely powerful and influential.

Here is my story:

After defending my PhD dissertaion, entitled The Influence of Images (meaning the way people influence their authentic self through specific behaviors controlled by mental AND physical aspects), I was asked to be part of a sports medicine team at the University of Denver as a Sports Psychologist where we worked exclusively with professional and Olympic athletes.

Athletes at this level are extraordinary in many aspects and what they wanted to discover was additional methods to be better and better.   

The sports physicians worked on the body and I did the mental precesses.  That combination saw marked improvement.

What I learned was how far a person can go with additional knowledge and their own determination. 

That care and focus is what each client receives to stretch to new heights and reach goals by realizing the power of continuous learning. 

I always work with a client as a team.  Clients tell me thank you, thank you, and my response is always "no, we did it as a team."  

I was directly invited by Buckminster Fuller to lead his World Game into corporations, led the first effort bringing together a private/public partnership for enhancing international trade recognized by the US Secretary of Commerce, launched the first international trade mission representing Silicon Valley as a whole (not just a company), brought together and led a group of San Francisco financial and organizational leaders to strengthen trade in the Bay Area,  and other efforts. 

Then my attention went to working with CEO's, Directors, managers, and individuals wanting to lead certain initiatives, redirect their company, deal with difficult situations, or become true leaders but were confused by the demands of the 21st Century. My experience has spanned many cultures from Singapore, India, Malaysia, Panama, Canada, and the US. 

All of these experiences led me to refine the approach that has now been combined into The Authentic Leadership Coaching Institute.

I also want to introduce


Carla Baldan, Advanced Image Consultant

For mastery level for certain situations we have found that the outer image, visually expressed to the world must be aligned with a person's goals and Carla works to align the total image with appearance, behavior, and communication.


Image coach
Motivating people through understanding how to naturally express an outstanding image and transmit the message that matches the diverse situations you encounter in this demanding world of the 21st Century. She has experience working with theater presentations, fashion magazines, television, and individuals. 





Partial list of clients

Valle Escondido Resort and Spa Panama

Panama International Packers

Hyatt Regency-Singapore

Mandarin Hotel-Singapore

The Charter – Beaver Creek, USA

National Productivity Board-Singapore

National Federation of Retailers USA

United Bank Denver USA

State Street Boston USA

Regis University Denver USA

University of Colorado USA

University of Denver USA

Verizon USA

Amax Mining USA

Rockwell International USA

InterWest Banks USA

PanPacific Hotel-Singapore

Museum of Science- Denver

Maersk-Central America

Sengenta-Central America


Puig International


  • "I had to convince my Board to fund a $4M project.  After working on my delivery and more importantly, I discovered, appropriately sequencing the content in a more authentic way, the Board not only approved the $4M but felt it was so important they raised the funding to $7M.  I am very happy." Director of a non-profit museum

    • "I was so nervous that my hands sweat and my heart pounds wildly. I am so confident now. I learned new skills but was able to deal with a part of my past causing the problem." Department Manager

    • "I learned how slides took me away from being my authentic self and connecting with people." Technical trainer

    • "As a salesperson, I learned how to engage people in a small group presentation and when I saw myself using all these new communications styles, I felt a lot more convincing - my sales went up a lot."  Insurance sales. 

    • "I have so much more confidence.  I did not realize, until I saw my new Self, just how my appearance and posture led people to think I was not confident about what I was saying. Before people told me they did not trust me."  Division Manager

    • "I was a professional world class skier and when I quit, several TV stations called to find out if I would be a sports commentator.  I had been on TV many times but talking about my last run down the slopes, never anything else.  I was helped to such a great extent by these methods  that the station I wanted hired me right away." Professional skier

    • "Thank you. We had to lead people through a painful process of shutting now a huge operation. Visioning the future for people was very helpful." Mining Superintentent 

    • "I had no idea all these elements were so important in leading my people." A young, newly appointed senior director




    Your impact hangs on your image.