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An alarming trend

Do not fall into the gender gap. 

Until recently, the past 10 years or so,

we have not understood the true nature

of the masculine and feminine so that

the gap can be closed and crossed with

strength in differences. 

Stress we know plays a huge role in the chaotic

life that we lead.

One strong piece of evidence from my extensive research

that raises even more questions is that women have

2 times more cortisol than men (the chemical that responds to

stress) at work and 4 tmes more at home. 

Whether you are a man or woman reading this we have to ask


We have created a lifestyle in many cultures that is not 

following the natural nature of how we were created and 

developed - the hardwiring of the brain.  .  

How is going against nature causing such dire 


What is that natural nature, that if you understood it, life would be better, longer, happier?

I have researched numerous resources and will bring you answers to many quesions - mine and yours.


Your impact hangs on your image.