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Articles by Ahden and others

3 Memory Tips
that Work

For everyday life, how to always 
remember. Key tips and a story
about elephants that never
forget. Click here

Avoid the Worst


Avoid the embarrassing chocolate
in your face bad habits
that can remain hidden. Click here

Checklist for
Non-Verbals to
Be Able to Shine

Never leave home without it and 
light up your audience with your
style.  Click here

Save Your Bxxx By
Managing the Q & A

When to use it, when
not to use it and the
power close. Click here

What Are the Three
Magic Words

There are just 3 words that
can highly impact your
presentation.  Click here

High Gear Speaking 
in Compressed Time

Flash Talks, TED Talks, rapid
investor pitches, restless
audience - Meet all those
challenges like a highly
tuned race car. Click here

The Trend that is Changing the World

Become Gender Hip Click here

An Alarming

Relationships and women moving
into C level jobs are falling
through the huge gap. Clink here

5 Things Women
Say About Men

Would these things change
if women new about 
the male brain? Click here

2 Things to Do
When You Hit a
Gender Brick Wall

Quit banging your head and
read this.  Click here


Your impact hangs on your image.