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Avoid the Worst Pitfalls

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Avoid the worst pitfalls of non-verbal language in a presentation


First what is non-verbal language?

Voice tone, volume, pace
Words of power
Word patterns
Facial expression
Posture and body movement

Why are these important? This IS primarily how people listen to you because non-verbals are the language of the subconscious which composes 83% of our gray matter in the brain.  It is important to understand your non-verbal language and how to be effective. What are the worst pitfalls?

  • Monotone pitfall presentations – no voice emphasis, no words of power, an air of not connecting. This can happen as a result of nerves or being too familiar with your material.

  • The facial expression pitfall – people have forgotten to warm up the muscles of the face and they think they are doing just fine but the edge of excellence is not there. Clarity and articulation is lost. One of the exercises we teach is to say the following in front of a mirror with very exaggerated expressions to loosen the speaking muscles – “I bought a batch of baking powder and baked a batch of biscuits.”

  • The gesture pitfall – nervousness shows up in your gestures, either too much or not enough, playing with the hands or being stiff.

  • The word pattern pitfall –we try to collect our thoughts by using “uh” over and over until it becomes a really bad habit.  It is better to pause than to say “uh"


Your impact hangs on your image.