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Working around brick walls


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Brick walls are no fun unless
you know how to tear them down

2 things we do when we hit a gender brick wall

We get frustrated or angry with the other person. Or,

we think we did something wrong.  

A man generally will do the first and a women will
generally do the second.

There can be many reasons but let's consider a
fresh view from the gender sciences. 

There is a part of the brain for men that releases
more testosterone that drive levels of anger in a

The same part of the brain for women can release
more estrogen and biologically drive her to try
to figure out what she did wrong.

2 things to do

1.  make a determined effort to bccome Gender

2.  know that by both genders talking about
the differences and accepting them, each gender
can back off and find fresh, new, and more meaningful

With brick walls, you can climb over, crawl under,
go around, tear it down - brick by brick.  

Our mission in Gender Communications/Strength in
Differences is to take Mastery Level Communications
Skills to a new, exciting, and fulfilling level. 


Your impact hangs on your image.