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Checklist for Non-Verbal Review

An authentic leader will always be asked questions but how he or she relates to the subconscious mind of the listener through non-verbal language - it will ALWAYS make the other person decide whether or not you are authentic. 

Remember 83% of the brain listens from the subconscious. 

Authentic leaders train themselves in monitoring non-verbals. 


The problem is, even with a checklist, if you don't have someone reviewing you, you will likely not see these embarrassing habits. Have a friend or someone review you. 


Ever see someone and ask yourself, Why doesn't someone tell them?


  • ______Playing with hands not knowing what to do or nervous.
  • ______Awkward, jerky use of hands.
  • ______Hands in pockets.
  • ______Eyes looking straight over everyone's head.
  • ______Eyes focusing on slides or on notes.
  • ______Insincere, pasty smile.
  • ______Monotone voice, not enough emphasis.
  • ______Rapid speaking pace.
  • ______Content rambles.
  • ______Shoulders forward when you feel like you are straight.
  • ______Nervous swaying or too much motion.
  • ______Too involved in content to connect with audience.
  • ______Boring opening.
  • ______Something in the appearance is distracting-makeup, tie, accessories, etc.
  • ______Great message but no passion.  

 Use this checklist before each presentation to a small or large group. Embarrassing habits appear when the greatest pressure is on. 


Your impact hangs on your image.