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Gender Hip is the new mark of authentic leadership.  

Boldly step into the extraordinary.

by being

Socially conscious. Personally responsible. Compassionately profitable.

An intriguing introduction to the topic of Gender Hip written by Ahden Busch PhD. 

Boldly stepping into the extraordinary takes courage because you
have been living in a fog of who you are naturally.

Upgrade to the Natural

It takes bold steps to completely appreciate who you are as a
masculine or feminine being and therefore, an authentic leader.

Your brain makes up a very large part of who you are.  To ignore this treasure means your life is being cheated.  Learn its unique gifts!

Discover what is an authentic leader in today´s world.

How women are able to express themselves

What in his brain keeps a man from talking about feelings

Why does a man need to come home and set in front of the TV

Ever think there is a good brain reason for why men do what they do and why women do what they do

Why do men and women reduce stress in different ways and how knowing this can increse tranquilityin your life

How should a women listen to a man

How can women add to the innovation drive of today

How to combine male rapid solution thinking with the female broader picture thinking and why does this happen

How to build differences into strengths.

6 sessons of one hour or more.

Quiz, articles, workbook and answering personal questions


Your impact hangs on your image.