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Pillar Three - Persuasion
High Performance Leadership Presentations

Step consciously

Socially conscious, Personally responsible, Compassionately profitable

We deliver in 6 sessions a totally private course focused only on YOU for developing and refining leadership presentation skills as you present to

  • individuals,
  • groups, or
  • an audience of hundreds.

An authentic leader "connects" with the audience
supported by vision.

While this program reviews basics, the focus is having each individual reach a very high performance level by learning and being able to confidently use the methods of the 21st century and other powerful presentation methods that develop leadership skills to really connect - known only to those that take the time to be the best.  

True, authentic leaders 

Use our IMPACT METHOD© Live and you will always ......

Be at the top of your game!!!!!!

"Being a leader is how people perceive you. It starts from the inside and projected to the outside. Presentations are the outer influences and connections upon which people decide whether or not to come along with you."
Ahden Busch PhD

Note:  We live in a new world.  Update your skills to the 21st Century NOW! Because you are the sole focus of the course, the course spaces are very limited. 

It is essential to know the 21st C. set of tools.
$995 for 6 sessions and all materials

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  • 3 critical exercises to do before you make any presentation 
  • being acutely aware of your instant second impression
  • 6 methods for quick attention - It is in the DETAIL. Learn what each of these letters require of you to grab attention. The science of the brain. 
  • the secret of breathe for clarity, connecting, and projection
  • the proper way to plan that pulls out all of the most important points that you need to bring to the audience 
  • using the storyboard before the outline
  • learn the laws of persuasion and how to sequence your material (this is so critical and where most people make the biggest mistakes) 
  • learn to avoid all the huge mistakes most people make in preparation
  • how the human brain works because without that knowledge you cannot capture and keep their attention
  • how to engage and connect with the audience instead of losing them (Using science and psychology)
  • how to read the audience and change your style to reach each audience
  • how to make your content flow and have people remember what you say especially when they are not taking notes
  • how to use your non-verbal language as a secret weapon
  • how to identify and use the words that have power just in the word itself
  • learn the 8 Elements of an Action©
  • using learned methods to overcome the short attention span of most people in today's chaotic world
  • proper use and development of slides

It takes massive action today to be a 21st century presenter. 


                 MAKE A DIFFERENCE

                                        TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR PRESENTATION 

Be a leader that is followed!


Your mantra:

Am I prepared?

Am I passionate?

Am I persuasive?

6 amazing sessions focusing on you and your leadership presentations - $995

2 sessions on current methods for Preparation
2 sessions on expressions with appropriate Passion
2 sessions on polishing your presence Persuasion
a final session confidently using the three P's






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Your impact hangs on your image.