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Q&A Time

Questions and Answers can present some problems for leaders. 

  • A special hint: Use the Q&A type question if you need to collect your thoughts or if you have gotten lost in your presentaton, it gives you time to think and collect yourself.
  • Use  closed ended question to the audience, "Are there any questions?"  Usually people will not have questions at this point and it gives you enough time to get yourself oriented gain. 
  • At the end, which is usually where the Q&A occurs, check your time to determine about how many questions can be answered.
  • If you have not had cards collected ahead of time with questions or if you are not using any of the electronic device methods - Ask for a question, call on someone, ask them to state their name and "a brief" question.
  • If someone is making their own speech, never be afraid to say "Excuse me, let's discuss this later, thank you."  Immediately go to the next person.
  • NEVER END YOUR PRESENTATION WITH THE ANSWER TO THE QUESTION. Remember most presentations will be going ino the short term emeory part of the brain so the last moment is a MEMORY MOMENT, use it to your advantge and make an impact. 



    Your impact hangs on your image.