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Today Impact Life


Speaking in Compressed Time to
Tell Your Vision as an Authentic Leader


The amount of time to make an impact today is getting shorter and shorter - 99 Second Flash Talks, 140 characters, TED talks, $3000 a minute to pitch your idea to investors, elevator pitches, shorter attention spans and, even these Quick Tips for Great Presentations.


  • Avoid a big mistake and never start with the solution - set up the problem first.  That engages the brain-go for how the brain of the audience works.  It is like telling someone the end of the movie first before building the problem. Build the problem first. Compressed time makes each second valuable.
  • Launch in - if you are not required by protocol to give thank you's to the introduction of your presentation - launch in. Start right away.
  • Tell a quick story - story telling is an important renewed trend for today.  What is your quick story?  Have one, practice it, and it is there when you need it.
  • Ask an open ended, dramatic question and tie it to your problem. 
  • Use one powerful word, pause, and then connect it to your presentation. 
  • In many instances we have lost the luxury of time - use it very wisely when giving presentation. 
  • Practice your presentation in 99 seconds and observe the key points that surface.  


We are not like Abraham Lincoln who said, "When I start talking, sometimes I am too lazy to stop."


Your impact hangs on your image.