The Authentic Leadership
Coaching Institute

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Station 1

Remember it is the journey and not just the destination.

Leaders are born.

Look at any kid.

What happens?

For years the saying has been
"Leaders are not born, They are made."

At the Institute we believe that is partially true.

Look at any group of kids and you see leadership in
real action.

A group of boys might be playing
firemen and one is telling the other boys, you
drive, I have the hose. Soon another boy says
no I want to drive, you drove last time. Or with
girls, one is saying I will be teacher, you be
the principal.

They are all showing signs of leadership. Look
on any play ground, almost any where
and you see leadership. 

Think about how natural leading really is

What happens?  Many times children are
told not to be so bossy, to not always try to be
the one in charge.

Maybe as more adults become authentic leaders
we can lead our children into new visions of leadership
so they can grow up believing that they are leaders
and that they will learn the best ways to lead. .

What can we learn from the children?

They know what they want - the role they want
to play.  

  • A leader needs to know what he or she wants.
  • Why do you want it?  Your purpose.
  • What style of leadership will help you
    get you and your group to its goal?


Your impact hangs on your image.