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Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.

John F. Kennedy

First step in developing
authentic leadership skills

Instead of asking who is a leader, ask where does leadership occur?

Whether you are already in a leadership role or aspiring to one, 
search more deeply into leadership.

If leadership is only seen as a position in a designated role
that you aspire to, then you will not be able to be clear about purpose.

Always, always, always to clear about the difference
between purpose and power and position. 

Here are several examples to consider before 
you begin your own journey of purpose.

·        You are stirred deeply to be a disruptive innovator?
         Do you like to look into those unforeseen places
         to create what has never been done?

         To accomplish that, what role do you need to play –
         the person at the top, or from some other position?

·        You are motivated to have your child’s team be city champions.

         To accomplish that, are you a leader to individually inspire each
          child on the sidelines, or do you become coach?

         You are driven to run your multi-national company.

          Is it the thrill of recognition, the strategizing, coordinating
          multiple diverse divisions?  Is it the intrigue of performing
          the activities, or fulfilling the purpose of the company?

 Being an authentic leader takes all these aspects into consideration. 

As you look at leadership for yourself, being clear is vitally important.  Asking you the hard questions for you to become clearer is what we do, but if you are doing this yourself – pretend like you are someone else looking at you and create those questions.


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