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In the 6 sessions we deliver to you, privately and developed for you personally, all that is outlined below. 

The Impact Method©


Public speaking when taught from the perspective of Science, Psychology, and Universal Wisdom, is an effective and extraordinary tool for self discovery, inner development, and outer impact. 


"I lack charisma when I talk with people or make presentations because people look away and seem uninterested. I must lead this international organization as it enters its 51st year." 


After speaking with this person, there were some issues ........

.....there was a stoic face, a voice tone without color, and the material was not planned for the 21st Century, especially since he was getting ready to accept the presidency of an international organization.


So how does one become more charismatic and self-assured that people will pay attention?



We worked consistently on three simple things.

Over a few weeks he began to learn how the brain of his listeners works to get their attention and how to make the necessary additions to his own style, with facial exercises he became more dynamic. 


He became an effective public speaker because he learned how to use the combination of science, psychology, and ancient wisdom for a 21st Century audience. 

With the right tools and the current knowledge about communicating today, you have all the options necessary for greater clarity of thought, persuading, building your memory and helping others remember your message, and strengthen connections in every relationships. 

THE RESULT: After the acceptance speech people came to him saying, "That was the best acceptance speech by an incoming President that we have ever had."




People tell us that their #1 concern is how to get and keep the attention of their listener(s), especially in this day and age of multiple distractions.   


What if you could cut through all the theory from the past about presentations and communication skills and quickly implement methods that could get and keep you in control?


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Become an effective influencer of life's crucial domain - your communications.  

Today we live in a fast paced, attention disruptive world and how you control it to your advantage is key.

Ahden Busch PhD, Founder and Chief Learning Officer,

There are three major sections:

Am I prepared?
Am I passionate?
Am I persuasive? 


Section One 


Am I Prepared?

You will learn about inner preparation AND Content preparation for this century

Breathing for mental clarity and memory

Breathing exercises
Time and frequency 

How the brain works -yours and your listeners

How to direct the brain of the listener
Balancing the negative and positive attributes
Using the Rule of Three
Awakening the giant of questions
Why stories are so important and how to tell them
Leveraging words of power 

Preparing in the 21st Century

Right brain or left brain preparation -lighting up with great ideas
Storyboards and putting puzzles together
Outline for persuasive arguments (what the best of the best do)
Outline for preparation


Section Two


Am I Passionate?


Every human expression involves these 8 Elements of an Action©


Certain words carry energy in them
Before delivery carefully insert words of power

Word patterns

Consciously use word combinations not habits
Learn which combinations have clarity and influence


Using voice tones
Pacing your audience

Facial Expression

Facial exercises
Eye contact


Eliminate bad habits
Gestures as props


A primary non-verbal


Breathing for relaxation
Breathing to pace


What you wear and how you wear it
Makeup for men and women


Creating openings and closings for attention, influence, and impact.


Section Three

Am I Persuasive?

Special attention to the details finalizes your persuasive impact. 

Deciding upon and manging a Q & A session

Props, mics, podiums, and surprises


The most important things to do just before (The Three B's)

$995 includes 6 sessions
Weekly Gentle Reminders
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the 6 sessions





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Your impact hangs on your image.