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Climbing to the top?

Training and Programs

for Authentic Leadership Coaching and Training

Strategy session - One Hour
Complimentary results Strategy

Mastery Level Authentic Leadership
and Communications Skills Training -

$995 for 6 sessions one hour or more 

6 Elements of Authentic
Leadership Training 

$995 for 6 sessions one hour or more

High Performance Leadership Presentations

$995 for 6 sessions one hour or more 

Special Price Packages

If you are climbing to the top in
your professional life, personal life,
or want to be the best you can be.

Here is a combination of all 3
programs packaged at a special
price of $2785.

A savings of $200 with the package.

If you want to focus 
2017 on activating your potential,
targeting the authentic you, and not
going against the natural YOU but
smoothly moving forward the Smart Way.....
this is for the serious minded YOU.

Remember all programs are private
and personal and online. email to get started immediately.         


Your impact hangs on your image.