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Authentic leadership and the qualities

Socially Conscious, Personally Responsible, Compassionately Profitable

As we begin this discussion of authentic leadership and its qualities, it is key to remember that the qualities of these descriptions are accompanied by behaviors, the actions of authenticity and leadership.

Many people want you to believe authentic leadership is a theory but you are either authentic or not based on the actions other people see you exhibit.

Bill George author of the book Authentic Leadership, introduced the phrase Authentic Leadership.

These are his key points:

Authentic leaders demonstrate these five qualities:

·         Understanding their purpose

·         Practicing solid values

·         Leading with heart

·         Establishing connected relationships

·         Demonstrating self-discipline


Some people think authentic is a raw self, un-disciplined, says whatever comes to mind - but the real, total self has the ability to be many things and the capacity to make appropriate choices, the ability to activate potential, and tremendous opportunities to expand. That is the authentic self and turns into the authentic leader of yourself and others

Part of the word authenticity comes from the Greek "autos" and means self.    "Hentes" is being.  Authentic is the real  being self. 

Your authentic self is a combination of traits or what we refer to as a zone of impact. Authentic is then understanding your real, original self AND owning the parts of your original self is your ability to unleash potential and make wiser choices. 


Accept the authentic you.

Authentic leadership is a new set of guidelines for the changed world of the 21st C. Do not embarrass yourself by being unknowingly stuck in the 20th C. 

We believe we are building on the qualities set forth by Bill George. 


The authentic leader, whether of yourself or others, has come to mean being driven by who you are naturally, developing strengths, and your purpose and passion.  

A Brief History of Leadership

In almost all parts of the world a leader was someone who was older, an elder, more experienced, more powerful, more privileged, better and faster results, stronger. 

This model was implemented, almost without thought, at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.The leader was to tell and organize, and to know more. 

Now times have changed and the real authentic leader must motivate from a "purpose" that ignites the spirit of the people working "with" her or him.  

You still see the old language,

  • leaders get people to follow them.
  • how to gain authority in a new position

Today leaders inspire people to bring forth their best, to fulfill a shared set of principled values, and an established purpose.

As Steve Jobs once said - hire the best but then do not tell them what to do, let them tell you what to do. 

The new authentic leader is

socially conscious  not only corporate conscious

personally responsible not pointing to leader responsibility

compassionately profitable not top of the pyramid profitable

The new authentic leader is not a position but a person anywhere using principles to guide their own life, their family, their team, their company.

The Impact Method©: Your Zone of Impact is a method created by Ahden Busch PhD, combining Science, Psychology, and Universal Wisdom, transforming people's lives into an authentic lifestyles.

She has brought together the very best of what thought leaders have discovered plus her own 20 years of international experience.



Your impact hangs on your image.